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  • Praise for our St. Margaret’s youth group teams

  • St Margaret’s Parish has truly been blessed with on-going groups of high-spirited young parishioners who really step to the plate helping those less fortunate than ourselves in our thriving Madison community. This Spring, our youth group successfully completed Project Hope where donated goods were solicited, amassed, and delivered to the Life Haven shelter in New Haven. Crates filled with food, clothing, woodworking creations, books, games, baby supplies, etc. were transported on a rented U-Haul truck by the Project Hope team to the moms and children at Life Haven. It is indeed quite wonderful to see our parish families working together to make such a heartwarming, well-thought out impact on these folks in need. Scripture reminds us to feed and care for the lambs and sheep of the Lord, and for us all to be responsible gatekeepers and stewards of the abundant gifts bestowed on us from the Lord of our own unique Time, Talent and Treasure packages meant to benefit others.

    It is also now time to remember the great effort and fruitful endeavor that was undertaken by our SMYLE youth group in Spring of last year when those young parishioners also solicited, amassed, and transported a giant container of similar needed goods to the orphanage children of the Mustard Seed communities in Jamaica. Olivia Papa and her team worked hard through the thick of the COVID crisis to successfully make this venture come to closure in spite of the lockdown and compromised conditions that COVID imposed upon our community as well as throughout Jamaica. The Mustard Seed communities there were closed to outsiders until just a month ago, and all mission trips were placed on hold until safer conditions surfaced ensuring that the vulnerable orphanage residents would remain out of harm’s way. Now with the re-opening of the Mustard Seed orphanages, it is now time to send some members of that SMYLE youth group team, and as well as some other present youth group members, on their long- awaited Mission Trip to the Mustard Seed community orphanages in Jamaica.

    Mustard Seed Communities began in 1978 in the impoverished community of Mona Common on the outskirts of Kingston, Jamaica, as a home for a handful of abandoned and disabled children. Today they serve over 400 children, young adults, and families who belong to the most vulnerable groups in Jamaican society. The populations of the homes include children and young adults with disabilities, children affected by HIV, and teen mothers along with their babies. MSC Jamaica also manages a number of community outreach programs to combat poverty and provide education to local populations. The vision for each apostolate is to create a loving and caring environment to aid in the physical, mental, and spiritual development of the residents.

    The communities are built upon a spiritual foundation sustained by spiritual nourishment – particularly the Holy Eucharist. Central to the charism of this ministry is Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, recognizing that Jesus Christ is ever-present in our daily life and work, and at the same time expressing gratitude for His invitation, gifts, and blessings. As such, the constant themes which embrace MSC’s Christ-centered life are “He is Here” and “Thank You Lord”. The spiritual well-being of the residents, staff, and volunteers of MSC permeates every aspect of MSC’s activities and informs the path for development and survival of the organization. Each apostolate, or home, maintains a chapel for community worship and the celebration of the sacred Mass as well as a perpetual adoration room for time in the presence of the Holy Eucharist. The Catholic-based program provides opportunities for daily prayer, adoration, and reflection, while at the same time maintaining an inclusive and ecumenical approach. The mission trips are similar to retreats – a chance to distance oneself from the convenience of home, hot showers, electronics, and everyday life, in order to help care for the MSC residents.

    Mustard Seed Communities has hosted short term mission trips since 1993. The trips are carefully structured service experiences rooted in meaningful interaction with the program’s residents. Core aspects of the mission trip include tangible work projects contributing to the residential care program and the opportunity to explore a different country and culture. MSC mission program exposes volunteers to the reality of poverty in the developing world and to the lives of people with disabilities. The volunteers are hosted at six homes across three countries, and at every location, a few key elements remain consistent. Mission teams stay on site at MSC during their trip. The facilities include two separate wings, with bathrooms and dormitory-style accommodations for each gender. Close proximity to the program sites provides unparalleled opportunities to bond with the residents of Mustard Seed Communities, allowing the opportunity to get to know them during every part of their day. All mission locations are private and gated properties with security personnel on duty 24 hours a day. The mission teams have a vehicle, and a mission representative and driver who accompany them to all activities, both within and outside of MSC properties. Beyond these core elements that make up the MSC mission program, each residential care facility provides a unique service experience.

    In the coming weeks, we’ll provide more detail of the ‘Goldeneye’ fundraiser that will bring our young youth group volunteers to Mustard Seed Jamaica to experience the fruits of their successful venture completed last Spring. We invite you all to be a part of the fundraiser event, generously bringing forth personal components of the vast Time, Talent, and Treasure packages that the Lord has given each one of us to use for the benefit of those less fortunate than ourselves. For further information on Mustard Seed Communities, please go to our St. Margaret’s webpage, or to their website at mustardseed.com.

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