• Program Desription

  • The program is designed to:
    Acquaint the student with the knowledge of God’s love for him/her and to encourage the student to build a strong and lasting relationship with God through prayer, study of the Bible and church beliefs, and service.

    Different types of prayer and worship services, including Liturgy, Reconciliation Service, Stations of the Cross, and Rosary will be experienced.

    Help the student to experience the feeling of the presence of God in his/her life.

    Classes for grades one – eight are held in the Parish Center during the week starting in September and last one hour long.

    Parents are expected to cooperate with catechists in teaching their children their formal prayers and encouraging daily prayer.

    Parents are responsible for bringing their children to weekly Liturgy (Mass) and to other prayer and worship services.

    Please follow the traffic rules for dropping off and picking up your children: One-way, down Academy Street to the end and approach the Parish Center. Park and come inside to drop off or pick up your children in their classrooms.

    Class cancellations are listed on here on the parish web-site and also on local TV Channels 3 and 8.

    East Shoreline Catholic Academy
    The inter-parish school of St. George, Guilford, St. Margaret, Madison, and St. John Bosco, Branford.

    62 Cedar Street, Branford, CT 06405
    Phone: 203-488-8386 Fax: 203-488-2347