• Covid-19 Protocols at St. Margaret Church

  • As we resume in person Masses, lay ministry meetings and events here at St. Margaret Parish, we are working hard to ensure the health and safety of all our parishioners, visitors, and staff.

    Following all Connecticut state and Archdiocesan guidelines, and with careful planning specific to our organization, we have implemented new safety and cleanliness measures. We ask that everyone respect these guidelines for the benefit of our greater parish community. Thank you for your help.

    These guidelines are part of an evolving plan and subject to change. We will continue to monitor archdiocesan, state and local health department notices and adjust as necessary.

  • Requirements for all parishioners, visitors, and staff:

  • 1. Anyone who is feeling ill or has been exposed to anyone who is ill should not come to any of the parish facilities.

    2. All visitors are asked to sign in at the parish center lobby providing contact tracing information and proof of self health screening.

    3. Masks must always be worn. Masks should cover an individual’s nose, mouth, &chin. Those not wearing a mask or who refuse to do so will be asked to leave. If there is a medical exception, for the health of our community we ask that the person stay home.

    4. Social distancing must be observed, with six-foot distancing between people. The number of occupants per room will be limited.

    5. If a parishioner, visitor or staff member, or anyone in their household, is suspected of having COVID-19, or has tested positive for COVID-19, they should notify the parish office immediately. Privacy will be respected; however, we will take necessary action to communicate any potential spread of the virus, including closing for a short time in order to clean and disinfect.

  • *Self-health screenings for employees and visitors are required before entry: check for these Covid-19 symptoms, including: cough, shortness of breath, or any of the following symptoms: fever; chills; repeated shaking with chills; muscle pain; headache; sore throat; new loss of taste or smell. If someone does have symptoms, they are asked to not return to campus until they have had no fever (without use of medication) for at least 72 hours, other symptoms have improved, and at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.

  • Increased parish cleaning measures:

  • 1. Professional sanitation of the church is carried out after each Mass. This includes funerals and weddings.

    2. Restrooms are available during Masses but continue to be restricted at all other times. When made available, restrooms are fully sanitized after each Mass.

    3. Touch-less hand sanitizers have been installed in the church and will also be in the Church , bathroom vestibule and the lobby of the Parish Center.

    4. Signs are posted throughout all parish facilities regarding how to stop the spread of COVID-19, properly wash hands, promote everyday protective measures, and properly wear a face covering.

  • The following links provide additional guidelines in place for specific circumstances:

  • .

  • Coronavirus / COVID-19 Warning & Disclaimer

  • Despite our careful attention to cleaning and social distancing, St. Margaret Church cannot guarantee that visitors or employees will not become exposed to or infected with COVID-19 while in our facilities. COVID-19 is highly contagious and there is a risk of exposure and infection at any time and any place. By using our facilities, members of our community are acknowledging and accepting these risks.

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