Thank you for attending Orientation last night. To recap a few things from last night in case they were not clear:

  • All events listed in the student journals are part of the program and so attendance is required.
  • Sign-ups for workshops, service opportunities, and faith experiences (where various day and time slots are available) will open up this evening for 2nd-year students only. Best to begin from the website on the 2nd-year calendar page using this link. Please make your selections by September 16 and write them in your journals.
  • Make sure to review any missing assignments or requirements from last year (see your journal below this year’s schedule) and submit or sign up for any missing work.
  • There will be a reception after Meant to Live for More next Saturday evening and we kindly ask that you consider bringing a dessert or fruit dish (we forgot to mention it last night). You can sign up here and bring the item to the Church Hall before the event.
  • We were made aware of a band trip on December 10 when we have the LURES program scheduled. We will look into rescheduling this presentation to December 17. Stay tuned for more information.
  • Follow us on Instagram: search for confirmationplace.

If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask.