We’re sorry to let you know that your workshop “Connecting with Your Higher Power: The Art of Letting Go” on Sunday, October 8 is cancelled. The workshop leader is ill but would like to reschedule for another date when she’s better. We’ll let you know of the new date when it’s set.
A few options to consider:
  • Attend a different workshop this Sunday if Sunday’s date works best for your schedule. Keep in mind that if you are registered for the replacement workshop at a later date, you’ll need to pick out something else to meet the 4-workshop requirement.  Workshops running on the 8th are:
    • Faith in Science and Medicine
    • Life and Faith After Confirmation
    • Power of Music in Our Lives
  • Attend Connecting with Your Higher Power at a different date (December 3 or January 28)
  • Pick out a completely different workshop for another date. If it’s full, let us know and we’ll add you on.
  • Wait until the new date for Connecting with Your Higher Power is scheduled. We’ll try for a Sunday when other workshops are not running or earlier on a Sunday afternoon so that it doesn’t conflict with other workshops that you may have scheduled.
We apologize for the inconvenience. Please let us know what you prefer. We can add you to any workshop that is full.