God created us for connection: meaningful, authentic relationships.

So why do we feel so disconnected in a world that is so connected?

There’s constant pressure and an expectation to communicate today with smartphones, social media, and more.  Our devices are addicting, building up habitual behavior and causing us to check our phones compulsively.  Relationships and mental health among young people are suffering.


There is also fear in the air for many, creating distance and a divide in making time for meaningful relationships.

Our heads are down.


We need to look up, look out, and look inside.


God made us for connection— with Him, others, and with ourselves.

Get Involved

Are you called to connect? Are you interested in getting involved? We would love YOUR help–throughout the year or just with one project. All talents and time commitments are welcome!

Please contact Marie Mozzi-Pageau



(843) 822-0247

Thank You and God Bless You!

Box of Joy: A Huge Success! - December 1st, 2023

Box of Joy: A Huge Success!

Thank you to all of those who contributed to the Box of Joy Christmas program. 157 boxes were filled and returned. The boxes were packed and shipped in time.
Additional donations were made to Cross Catholic Outreach in the sum of $420.00. What an impact you have made for children who may receive only one gift this Christmas–the Box of Joy you donated. Please note that if you still have an empty Box of Joy, you can hold on to it until next year, or feel free to donate directly to the Cross Catholic Outreach/Box of Joy program.

Gratitude Tree

As we round out our liturgical year and move into Advent, the Gratitude Tree is removed as the Advent Wreath appears. Over 500 leaves were individually placed on the tree, sharing hearts full of gratitude. As we enter this sea-son’s anticipation, it is a wonderful reminder to keep our grateful hearts open, preparing our hearts to receive God.

Gratitude Reflection - November 24th, 2023

Today, we reflect on gratitude.  The Gratitude Tree on the altar was empty three weeks ago but is now full of leaves of thankfulness.  It is a happy reflection of all the blessings in our lives. Parishioners of all ages took a moment to write a note of gratitude on each leaf.  Now hung on the tree in thanksgiving, our hearts and God’s heart are full.

Prayer is the simplest and surest way to convey appreciation to God. A sincere, simple prayer that comes from the heart touches God deeply.  

Updates on the Box of Joy Program and the Gratitude Tree - November 17th, 2023

Thank you to all who are participating in the Box of Joy program.  If you have yet to receive a box because all boxes were distributed, a standard shoe box can be filled as well.


Here are a few gentle reminders:

  • Fill your box with gift items. Include a picture and note if you wish.

  • Secure box with a Rubber Band- ** Please do not tape boxes.  Boxes have to be checked and then Rosary and booklet of The Story of Jesus, inserted by Cross Catholic Outreach.

  • Make a $9 check payable to Cross Catholic Outreach to cover shipping and tape envelope to outside of box. (QR code can be used too. Attach receipt to box)

  • Drop your box at the Church or at the Parish Center by Sunday, 26th at noon. All boxes will be packed and ready for shipment pickup by 5 pm Sunday.

Thank you for all your generosity.   Your gift provides hope to children in need.




Gratitude Tree


We know God recognizes and hears us as we express ourselves through this small but meaningful gesture of thanksgiving.  What are you grateful for?

Take a moment this weekend to fill out a leaf to hang on our gratitude tree.  Write on a leaf something, someone you are grateful for and leave it in the basket at either entrance to the church.  All leaves will be hung on the tree by November 19th as an offering of gratitude and hope.

It Take a Village - November 3rd, 2023


As a mom, I often reflect on how my adult daughter was raised around a supportive, loving, faith-filled community. God connected us with many incredible role models that I can confidently say contributed to her character and to the woman she is today. I never would have been able to do it alone. Reaching out to others is about the village, a collective effort to create a ripple effect in the goodness of giving. I think about Jesus’ call to a motley group of men to be his disciples, to reach out and to serve. They said yes- ordinary men who went on to do extraordinary things.
The Call to Connect ministry offers service and outreach projects. Share an hour here or there with like-minded people, supporting a cause or coming together in fellowship. Jesus showed the disciples about compassion and that EVERYONE mattered. We are called to do the same.
Here’s what’s coming on the Call to Connect outreach calendar. Check upcoming bulletins & the Call to Connect page on the parish website for more details or contact marie.mozzi@stmargaretchurch.com.

1) Gratitude Tree- In progress. Hanging of leaves on the tree in the sanctuary (TBD)
2) Box of Joy- Nov 11- distribution of Boxes after all masses
3) Loaves and Fishes Volunteer- New Haven- Nov. 18th- 5 Slots available

Spiritual Reflection - October 20th, 2023

In his book, the Better Place, John Bartunek shares that to know our God, there is a threefold path to follow.  This is:

  1.  A relationship with Him
  2.  With others
  3.  With ourselves

Following Jesus affects our relationships with other people. Jesus references almsgiving, which is doing good deeds to those in need. And the instructions we have from him on prayer. The relationship with ourselves is the effort we make to show up and develop into the person God created us to be and as one of his disciples.

These three avenues invite us to follow in his footsteps and understand the purpose for which we were created.

There is nothing new in this threefold walk to living a whole life, but for many, we are lucky if 1 of the three is in sync.

The Call to Connect will provide opportunities to disconnect so you can connect.  Jesus wants us to let him into our conversations.  And He wants to be a part of everything we do, being our closest companion.  He calls us to community and to share in all He has in store for us.

Connecting with others positively impacts our happiness, faith, and mental health.  It creates a chance to listen and chat with others, be valued and heard, and give and receive without judgment.  Sign me up!

What to Look For...

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to open hearts to the needs of others via outreach opportunities and random acts of kindness. It’s not a massive investment of time, just enough to connect with like-minded people, young and old, to unite and be God’s hands and feet in this disconnected world for a little while.


  • The Bulletin: Twice a month, under the “call to connect” designated section in the bulletin, look for a reflection, upcoming outreach possibilities, service projects, etc.
  • Service/Outreach-
    • Dates and info will be shared about various outreach projects that will be available to participate in with peers, family, and friends.
  • The Website:
    • A dedicated page will be set up for The Call to Connect. See all details here.

When it comes to outreach,  don’t think…… “Ahh, my help isn’t needed.  Someone else will do it”.

We all need to do something, for if we don’t, nothing will change.

The world needs you. Yes, you.  Time is an expensive commodity, but won’t you consider donating a small portion occasionally to help someone in need?

And so we ask you, Jesus:


Teach me to be accessible to give myself to you and my neighbors.

 Help me to open my heart to you and give time and sacrifice in my life,

 just as it was a part of yours.