• Parish Council

  • Pastor
    Rev. Daniel J. McLearen

    Mr. Brendan Coyne
    Mr. Paul Williams

    Mr. Adam J. Michaele
    Mr. Paul Prete
    Mr. Joseph M. Regan

    Elected Members
    Mark LoStocco – President
    Joe Walker – Vice President
    Colman Fahey – Secretary
    Anthony Amplo
    Eileen Banisch
    Gail Cox
    Denise Gesner
    Madeline Goletz
    Hugh O’Toole
    Michael Piccione
    Lynne Sarro
    Joseph Walker
    Beverly Waters

    Youth Group Representatives
    Roisin Beirne
    Patrick Fahey

    Our Lady of Mercy School Representative
    Tara Picard

  • The Parish Council was created to:

  • Encourage a more prominent lay involvement in the life of the Parish Community;
    To establish and serve as a medium of communications between the priests and laity concerning the spiritual and material needs of the Parish Community;
    To cooperate with other churches and civic organizations in serving the community at large;
    To advise and assist the Pastor in the administration and development of spiritual and material matters in the parish of St. Margaret.