• Confirmation Preparation Program

  • Up-Coming Confirmation Class:

  • Freshmen Confirmation Students:

    The next gathering for Freshmen Confirmation candidates will be on Sunday April 29th at the 11am Mass followed by a retreat at the American Legion Hall from 12-4pm.

    Pizza and refreshments will be served. Please meet in the church hall at 10:30am to line up for the Mass.

    This day is mandatory for all Confirmation candidates.

    Contact Monica Piombino with any questions.

  • Important Announcements & Reminders

  • Beyond Confirmation – Youth Ministry – series entitled-“ STRESSED OUT? ANXIOUS ABOUT THE FUTURE? FEAR NOT! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!” Sunday, April 29th at 5:00pm in the Parish Center

  • Come to this interactive talk/workshop where you will learn stress reduction techniques and see how the conversation about God, faith, and doubts that Fr. Lerner began, actually has practical and real world implications.
    Religion and theology professor Kevin Johnson will unpack the theology of God and prayer in a practical way that connect with our every day worries, stresses, hopes, and fears that we face in our lives.
    This presentation is open to all highschool age students.

    Please contact Charles Wira at charles.wira @yale.edu for more information